Heavy DutyNoise - Acoustic Ambient (cold) Smoke - up to 70C Medium Temp. Smoke - 200C for 30 mins (Smoke Doors) Fire and Hot Smoke - Fully developed fires exceeding 600C (Intumescent Fire Seals) Insects and Vermin Weather Energy, Draughts and Dust Fire (Approved) Light BAL FZ


RP114 is a door bottom intumescent fire and hot smoke seal that is designed to salvage non-compliant fire doors where clearances exceed 10mm under fire doors as per AS/NZS 1905.1.

The simple retrofit design avoids costly door replacement and the need to remove the door during installation.

RP114 is approved for use on leading proprietary fire doors.

Note: RP114 should just clear the floor during door opening and closing. To avoid the seal fouling on uneven or sloping surfaces, the finned gasket portion should engage an approved Raven threshold plate. This will enhance the other icon sealing functions.

Location: Bottom of fire and smoke doors. Minimum door thickness of 35mm. For garage doors, use two seals.

Min/Max Gap: 14mm to 20mm (without threshold plate).

Finish: Satin clear (silver) or bronze anodised aluminium (15 m).

Fixing: Screw fix. Zinc plated, cross recess head S.T. screws supplied.

Seal: Intumescent infill, grey flexible PVC (SE) cover strip and RP304Si finned silicon rubber gasket.

Sizes: 1220mm, 920mm, 820mm.

Fire AUS/NZ: NCC Spec. C3.4 for fire doors. AS1530.4 & AS/NZS 1905.1. NZ BC Compliance Doc. C/AS1 6.19.2(a) & App. C6.1.1.
UK/EU: Approved Document B. (Tests above are similar to BS EN 1634-1 & BS 476 Pt. 20 & 22).
FRL & FRR-/240/60 and FD240.Fire Approved
Energy NCC Pt. & J3.4.