Health and Aged Care
NCC Class 3, Class 8, Class 9 Buildings (hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes, clean rooms, laboratories, child care centres and schools)

Raven sealing systems for use in health and aged care applications are required to perform multiple functions such as the exclusion of weather, vermin, noise and the containment of smoke and fire. Raven seals can also help control the movement within a building of airborne pathogens.

Raven sealing systems’ easy wipe down designs have gaskets and polymer cover strips that contain a nanotech antimicrobial additive. These unique features, together with regular cleaning practices offer the best protection against surface bacteria around sealed doorways.

Most sealing applications but particularly in hospitals, medical and aged care facilities must meet strict building codes and standards. In some instances a Deemed-to-Satisfy requirement is stated. Raven sealing systems far exceed this requirement.

Architects and building engineers are demanding higher levels of performance in a building where engineered and tested systems are required. Raven offer the largest range of engineered and certified sealing systems in the industry making Raven the brand of choice in Australia and around the world.