For doors and windows to function, they must have gaps
between the edges of the frame and sill. These gaps are there to allow easy opening and closing whilst accommodating normal building movement.

However these gaps can allow the intrusion of;






and also leakage of energy; heating and air conditioning.

To give an example, the heat loss from an unsealed home through gaps around doors and windows is around 12%.
This is not difficult to understand when you consider that the gap around an average door equates to a hole being the size of a house brick!

The solution is to fit a Raven Sealing System that seals these gaps. Raven seals are frequently multipurpose, sealing against a combination of intrusions and
leakages. Easily fitted they can provide a complete and continuous seal for all door & window types whilst not impeding their normal use.

Established in 1950, Raven seals are fitted to millions of homes and
public buildings throughout East Asia, Australasia, Oceania, The Middle East and Europe. Manufactured to ISO9001, Raven Seals are the very best available.

While the problem is big the cost of the solution is small. In fact the energy saving
benefit derived by fitting Raven door and window seals is a fraction of the cost as compared with double glazing or roof and wall