Light Duty


Replacement Components
Some of the many extrusions that are used in the seals within this catalogue, may be ordered separately.

A range of rubber extrusions that can be purchased
as spare parts for the seals.

Seal Materials
Rigid and flexible PVC or TPE.
RP404 Flexible PVCRP404a Flexible PVC RP404b Flexible PVC

RP410 Flexible PVC RP410a BK Rigid PVCRP410a LG Rigid PVCRP423 BK Flexible PVC

RP423 BR Flexible PVCRP423 GR Flexible PVCRP423 LG Flexible PVC RP424 Rigid PVC

RP435 BR Rigid PVCRP435 LG Rigid PVCRP460 Flexible TPE RP462 BR Flexible PVC

RP462 WH Flexible PVCRP462 BW Flexible PVC RP469 Rigid/Flexible PVC

RP486 Rigid/Flexible PVC RP487 Rigid PVC